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The Pacific Amateur Radio Guild, as its name implies, is an association of Radio Amateurs with a common interest whose principle activities are localized primarily in the Western regions of the United States and Canada.
The aims of PARGuild are:

(a) To maintain a communications network, staffed with competent and skilled CW Operators, through organized nets and inter-member contacts, which could be available in emergency situations;

(b) To promote and encourage fellowship between Pacific Coast and Western Region Amateurs;

(c) To continue the cordial social relationship enjoyed by the membership, existing over the past few decades;

(d) To encourage, by example the wider use of only power levels necessary to effect reliable communications, thereby reducing QRM in the Amateur Bands.

17 Feb

Upcoming Events

Net News!

Would you like to join PARG?

It only costs $5.00 to join!  Send your check or money order, call, name and address to:

David Noall – K7GZP, dnoall45@gmail.com

or – pay your dues via PayPal > pargguild@gmail.com

17 Feb

PARG Net Schedule

PARG Net Schedule:
9 AM Daily – 7034 KHz – NCS
Sunday – N7MFB Bill
Monday – N7YT Bill
Tuesday – W7VDQ Tom
Wednesday – WB6N Terry
Thursday – WA7MMM Greg
Friday – AA6ZE Pete
Saturday – K7ZED BB
– – – – –
8 PM Sundays – 3545 KHz – NCS

14 Feb

PARG History

In the late fall of 1968, three U.S. Pacific coast amateurs, Ken Hughes, W6IS, Fred Behrman, K7LNS and Howard Pyle, W7OE, came increasingly aware of the lack of a purely member oriented organization of radio amateurs encompassing the states of Washington, Oregon and California.  The need for such had become quite apparent during some two years of operations in a group of the Western Division of a prominent internal amateur radio club.  A poll of the active membership of this group produced.  A favorable response indicating an eagerness for an independent organization devoted exclusively to the interests of the Radio Amateurs on the Pacific Coast. Continue reading